At Hewitt & Campbell, we believe that effective use of analytics requires a holistic approach. We approach every project with our four step methodology: Design, Build, Deliver, Support.


It starts with an idea. We help your organization discover the driving questions that, once solved, will take your business to the next level. Interactively, we will work with you to develop these questions and design creative solutions catered specifically to your needs. 

The cornerstone of solutions developed at Hewitt & Campbell is our analytics expertise. Many clients sit on gold mines of data, yet struggle with understanding the stories they tell. We build data visualization dashboards and reports for the types of clients who are looking for descriptive analytics services. We also specialize in developing machine learning models to answer your tougher predictive analytics questions. 

If you were worried about how to action these analytics models, our organization also specializes in prescriptive analytics. Have you ever wondered what product to offer to what customer, and at what time and what price? Our full custom analytics solutions can help you answer this and much more.


Interaction and communication is essential during our Build phase. We take an iterative approach when building out our client's solutions, ensuring quality is the top focus. Using the blueprints created in the Design phase, we will collaboratively construct the foundation and structure of the solution to your challenge.

Building can be complex, which is why our company is a strong believer in iteration and collaboration. While working closely with you, we will ensure you have the confidence and understanding in the work to scale and action the solution and insights we provide.


We believe in innovation, yet we also believe in simplicity. What we aim to deliver to our clients is simple, yet powerful insights, and custom solutions that focus on actionable and realizable return on investment.

Our delivery will focus on knowledge transfer for the most relevant parts of your business. We recognize that the audience may range from tech-savvy analysts all the way up to senior executives, each of whom may use our solutions differently. We will work with you to ensure that all members of your team are engaged with the solutions we develop together.


At Hewitt & Campbell, we strongly believe in relationships and delivering work with a personal touch. We recognize the need for on-going support, as models need to be updated and reports need to be refreshed when seasons change and business expands. Support is essential as we aim to build long lasting relationships with all of our partners. We are committed to working with you not only during our projects, but before and after. Whenever you have a question, or if you just want to chat, please do not hesitate to contact us.